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Home Economics Critical Chinking: Does The Education System Turn People Into Narcissists?

Critical Chinking: Does The Education System Turn People Into Narcissists?

Critical Chinking: Does The Education System Turn People Into Narcissists?

In the past, there were only a small percentage of people who went to university and only a few subjects were taught. It is often the case today that many subjects are taught at these institutions.

One possibility would be to say that this is a good thing as more people now have the opportunity to attend higher education. The available loans have also contributed to this.

The ideal preparation

If someone is able to study at the university for a few years, they will get the tools they need to make it through life. While they are there, they will probably find that they have all sorts of resources at their fingertips.

There will be lecturers who know all sorts of things, have an endless amount of books and the ability to connect with people who could last a lifetime. In addition, they can learn something that will enable them to make a living when their time is over.

Another result

However, this may not be the case if the degree is not very marketable. Well, this may have been something that they found interesting, but it may not be of interest to many people.

If you did not think about it at the beginning, you could end up with a lot of trouble and frustration. They may even go into victim mode and blame other people for a decision they have made themselves.

A gray area

University attendance is by no means a guarantee that someone can enter a job after leaving school. If you choose a degree that is suitable for an interested employer or to start a business, it is different.

One would then have two things in mind when registering; to do something that is fun for them and to do something that actually allows them to make a living. It might have been more fun to study something else, but in the long run it would not have served them.

Smooth transition

If they did something to earn a living, their time at the university could soon be followed by a full-time job. It might take a while for them to get used to the "real world" again, but it should happen soon enough.

It will probably take a while for someone to study something that was not very marketable. Nevertheless, in the meantime they could always travel a bit or make a short course about something else.

A challenging time

Regardless of what someone has studied during his university education and what he does at the end of his life, it could be incredibly difficult for him to adapt. This could basically show that they felt comfortable there and rarely were challenged.

For example, this may have been a university where people practically had to walk on egg shells so as not to offend others. It would then have been normal to be exposed only to things that did not offend them.

The center of the universe

By spending several years in an environment like this, along with the one that happened before they arrived, it would have meant that they were protected from reality. Indirectly, they would have been conditioned to believe that they could define who they were exposed to.

It's not like they're just human on the planet and have to put up with things they do not like. No, they are so important that they can decide what another person is doing or can not do or say. This would then have been a time when their ego was strengthened and they developed a false sense of importance.

A new purpose

Ergo, instead of being prepared for the real world during her college years, the exact opposite will have happened. It might then be more accurate to call it lower education, as it would have declined, not advanced.

This should be a place where they were exposed to different views in order to grow and develop. After all, a big part of education is teaching people to think, not thinking.

Two extremes

When they studied it would have been like being in one world and now that they have left, it will be like they are in another world. One world would treat them as if they were the center of the universe, the other would treat them as if they were just another human being.

It will be no surprise then for them to fight in the real world; A world in which her feelings are generally not considered important. At the same time, they will have difficulty in wanting other people to use a special pronoun.


The education system is designed to expand people's minds and prepare them for the real world, rather than treating them like toddlers. However, as people's emotions are often seen as more important than the truth, it becomes clear how far so many of these institutions have fallen.

If someone can not deal with their emotions and is unwilling to face others, they should be at the university recently. In many ways, this is the equivalent of ice being placed in an oven, it just does not belong there.

You also have to ask yourself if there is a hidden agenda here. The establishment wants to bring as many people as possible to these places to quell society. However, since this happens in so-called higher education, this goes unnoticed.

The result is that so many people are completely indoctrinated by the system, just to see themselves as informed or "awake". These people will then not only be unaware of the fact that their minds have been kidnapped, they will also be knee-deep in debt – the perfect slaves.

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