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The Pros and Cons of Indian Media

The Pros and Cons of Indian Media

The role of the media has always profoundly influenced the life of the common man. While keeping people informed of situations around the world, it also caused panic when half-hearted news came out. In India, the growing popularity of the media has had many implications for people's lives.

It has been a few years since the Indian media from newspapers and radio have penetrated the television industry. There are several news channels that are available 24/7 and keep people up to date not only in the country but also around the world. The biggest advantage of this system is that people in India are informed within minutes about the incidents in the US. Unlike the old days, you do not have to wait until the next day the newspapers arrive to be notified of the other side of the world. These channels also have Internet sites that are updated every minute, so even those on the move can stay up to date via the Internet on their mobile phones. For example, suppose the day the World Trade Center came down, it was a matter of moments when people around the world heard about it.

Or even when the trains were bombed in London, the whole world became aware of it thanks to the media. This instant update has allowed people from around the world to connect with their loved ones to ensure their safety.

However, it is not to be overlooked that where immediate knowledge about incidents helps people, the media can sometimes pose a threat. The media in India sometimes repeat themselves and play the same news program again and again. Over time, the news, which is not important at all, gets into a big uproar and ignores the events that could be of real importance. Indian media has devoted too much attention to events such as the wedding of a star son and a main hero, the kiss a Hollywood star put on the cheek of a Bollywood heroine, and the emergence of the secret relationship of a Pakistani cricketer with a lady, as well as the pregnancy of one Hindi film heroine. These incidents are of minor importance to the life of an ordinary human being, and remove from those incidents only the light that can truly affect people in their daily lives.

The media in India are very strong and it is up to the journalists as they spread the news from around the world.

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