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‘Best reveal ever!’: ‘Masked Singer’ Robot is one of the top-selling artists of all time – Yahoo Entertainment

“We’ve gotta thank the Immense Bowl for being an phenomenal pre-exhibit,” host Reduce Cannon introduced as he launched Sunday tv’s factual vital occasion: the Season 3Masked Singerpremiere, which aired on Fox with out lengthen after the mammoth sport.  

Sure, the complete world was actually watching — or gawking, questioning if their Buffalo rooster dip had been garnished with psilocybin slices — as Sunday’s premiere, which made Jennifer Lopez’s and Shakira’s halftime spectacle gaze take care of an acoustic provoke mic night at the native coffeehouse, trotted out a troupe ofCats-powerful unbelievable furries, together with a rhinestone-gloved boxing Kangaroo, a punk-rock teenage mutant ninja Turtle, and a prosthetically enhanced, bootylicious Llama. 

However the mammoth 2nd was what gobsmacked buy Ken Jeong enthusiastically declared the “best reward ever!”

This bonkers TV guessing sport has already executed world domination, and the model new British mannequin of the exhibit has recruited in truth credible tune stars — take care of Jake “The Unicorn” Shears of Scissor Sisters (preserving Kate Bush and Blur!), Justin “The Chameleon” Hawkins of the Darkness (belting Radiohead!), Kelis as a result of the Daisy, and Pores and skin from ‘90s Britpop band Skunk Anansie (dressed not as a skunk, however as a result of the Duck). So, it was time for The usa’sMasked Singerto carry its A-sport.

And that it did, with Season 3’s first star castoff being one in each of the most successful recording artists of all time.

To loosely paraphrase the Robotic’s intro tune, Styx’s “Mr. Roboto,” sure, Iwasquestioning who he was. So had been the judges — who, per a reference to “stunts,” guessed that this man-machine would possibly perchance very nicely be Floyd Mayweather, Shawn White, Style Flav, orJackass’s Johnny Knoxville or Steve-O. I association, per the raspy, monotonic vocals on the Robotic’s cover of Lenny Kravitz’s “Are You Gonna Fling My Method,” that it should additionally very nicely be each Drake or Lil Wayne. However it’s the latter who doubtlessly-not-coincidentally trustworthy dropped his 13th studio album,Funeral, so of course it was the one and best Weezy.

“He trustworthy made this exhibitso{powerful} cooler!” exclaimed Cannon. “It is a great distance a 2nd in tv historic previous!”        

“This is the most terrorized I’ve ever been on this exhibit!” admitted buy Robin Thicke — who was particularly embarrassed, since he has in truth collaborated on5tracks with Wayne. 

“My kids watch the exhibit, and I knew that they had been going to take care of the Robotic costume,” Wayne answered sweetly, when Cannon requested why he would ever conform to carry out on a exhibit take care of this.Aw. He in truth is a mammoth softie under that laborious exterior.

The Robotic will virtually positively be disregarded. I’m trustworthy pondering of the complete Kraftwerk and Daft Punk songs he would possibly perchance include carried out. However 5 extra thriller celebrities survived to command some other day, and Cannon teased that they’ve “regarded in9Immense Bowls” between them. And per Fox, this grand-sized season’s 18 stable contributors include a mixed complete ofelevenImmense Bowl appearances, plus 69 Grammy nominations, 88 gold information, three Hollywood Stroll of Standing stars, and one entry inside the Guinness Ebook of World Data, under their glittering belts.

So, would possibly perchance these cosplayers be footballers, sportscasters, and even halftime exhibit headliners? Heck, one in each of them would possibly perchance even be Left Shark, sinceThe Masked Singer’s furious-genius material cabinet dressmaker, Marina Toybina, in truth obtained an Emmy for designing the viral dancing sharks that accompanied — and upstaged — Katy Perry at 2015’s Immense Bowl halftime exhibit. We at the least know thatnoneof these high-quality creatures are Jamie Foxx, who was extensively assumed, even by his private household, to be closing season’s winner (the demasked Fox turned out to be Wayne Brady) — since Foxx served as customer buy on Sunday’s premiere.

I had a hunch a Robotic was Lil Wayne, however complete, the clues had been more difficult than ever this time spherical, so I doubt I’ll to realize any further touchdowns in week one. However I’ll construct my best guestimates. Sport on!

The White Tiger, “Ice Ice Toddler”

Doing one factor from Duran Duran’sSeven and the Historic Tigeralbum would’ve been a pleasing contact, however at the least this gladiator-uniformed feline warrior entered the pronounce to the triumphant traces of Survivor’s much more obvious “Stare of the Tiger.” However this wasn’t a victorious efficiency, nor was it flawless, no subject the White Tiger’s assertion, “My complete life I’ve sought perfection” or Vanilla Ice’s boastful line, “The remaining not as much as the most simple is a prison.” This dude will virtually positively be a talented… however he’s not a talentedsinger.

The clues:He’s grand-sizable, an “closing champion of clam-shucking” (implying a UFC background and/or Present England ties), and has had a “massive” occupation. There was moreover a speedy, patriotic Abraham Lincoln reference. Smitten buy Nicole Scherzinger was moreover crushing laborious, so I train she’d already gotten over Victor “The Thingamajig” Oladipo, her showmance companion from closing season.

Judges’ guesses:John Cena, Tyler Perry, Jason Momoa, Expend “Gronk” Gronkowski.

My guess:Um… somebody from the Present England Giants or Present England Patriots? Sorry, my soccer recordsdata comely {powerful} ends with Left Shark. However the 6-foot-6 Gronk seems to be extremely seemingly. How {powerful} you wanna wager the Tiger will command some Bon Jovi subsequent spherical?

The Turtle, “Kiss From a Rose”

Paying homage to closing season’s Seal, a.okay.a. the Leopard, this crooner printed a softness and sentimentality gradual his complicated outer shell. He moreover showcased a pristine falsetto and pure swag that appeared completely boy-band-skilled. Jeong declared that the Turtle is already a Season Three frontrunner. The Leopard would possibly perchance be proud.

The clues:“At the beginning line of my occupation, I was surrounded by different hungry learners,” acknowledged the Turtle, explaining he’s taken a extra tortoise-take care of, “little by little” ability to his occupation. Visible clues included a surfboard and some grilled (Wahl?)burgers.

Judges’ guesses:Kelly Slater, Larry Hamilton, Donnie Wahlberg, Joey McIntyre, Zac Efron.

My guesses:Regardless of the indeniable fact that it’d construct for superior tv and be construct off for shell-e-bration if the Turtle turned out to be buy Jenny McCarthy’s husband, Donnie, Joey is a greater guess. Joey did as quickly as cover theWahlburgerstheme tune, and he regarded on a web sequence known asBurger Bustle. However I’m going to stay my neck out (heh) and instruct that the Turtle sounds extra take care of some other Child on the Block: Jordan Knight, who as quickly as attended surf faculty on the most simple fact exhibit extra bananas thanThe Masked Singer, VH1’sThe Surreal Existence. Then once more, my NKOTB-obsessed good friend says the Turtle doesn’t sound take care of each of the Present Younger of us, so I secretly hope that this is one in each of the two yell actors from theTeenage Mutant Ninja Turtlesflick, Corey Feldman or Robbie “Cousin Oliver” Rist.

The Llama, “She Bangs”

Neatly, the Llama is a greater vocalist than Ricky Martin fanatic William Hung — however not by {powerful}. Easy, he rocked that strap-on booty with panache (if he doesn’t discontinuance “Llama College” by MTV’s Sifl & Olly as his subsequent musical amount, then “Toddler Purchased Assist” is some other dapper need) and he was wildly spicy. “I put on issues take care of this in correct life,” he acknowledged of his padded hindquarters.

The clues:He’s some type of “Joker,” per probability a shock-rock DJ. And some other participating in card, the Ace of Spades, hinted that the Llama would possibly perchance very nicely be a specificSNLalumnus participating in his 16th Hollywood minute. He would possibly perchance moreover be a Buddhist (DaliLlama, rating it?), even if this routine efficiency was somethinghoweverZen.

Judges’ guesses:Passe customer buy and Jeong’sNeighborhoodco-star Joel McHale (“This is exactly what Joel seems to be take care of before hair and make-up,” quipped Ken), David Spade, or Howard Stern. (The latter is uncertain, even if when the Llama acknowledged, “Let’s rating severe,” he would possibly perchance unbiased include supposed “Sirius.”)

My guess:David Spade’s a stable chance. And Iin truthwant that it wasSaturday Night time Reside’s Norm MacDonald, since, pondering that he made a occupation out of trolling Michael Jackson, it would be trustworthy take care of him to costume up take care of one in each of MJ’s infamous Neverland pets. However I train it should additionally very nicely be semi-respectable singer and poker participant Kevin Hart, who has his private SiriusXM comedy channel. And folk wheeled once more legs trustworthy would possibly perchance attend some type of supreme mobility motive for Hart, as he recovers from his new once more injury.

Miss Monster, “One thing to Talk about About”

Early commercials implied that Season 1 winner T-Misery’s companion would possibly perchance very nicely be some type of fluffy-headed socialite take care of Paris Hilton or Kim Kardashian. However now, somebody who’s ever heard these girls people’ respective singles “Stars Are Blind” and “Jam” is aware of that’s not the case, as a result of this furry fiend cancommand! Her vocals would possibly perchance unbiased had been weathered, suggesting she’s an elder-stateswoman contestant, however she sounded take care of a soulful story — per probability this season’s reply to Season 1’s Bee (Gladys Knight) or Season 2’s Flower (Patti LaBelle).

The clues:She loveshairspray, T-Misery, and the colorationcrimson; she feelsmisunderstood; and she or he wonders, “Will you proceed to like me with out shimmering mytitle?”

Judges’ guesses:Dolly Parton, Mary J. Blige, Dionne Warwick.

My guesses:Dionne or Mary would construct sense, nonetheless the “hairspray” clue has me questioning if this is aHairspraystable member. Would possibly per probability it per probability be Pia Zadora or Blondie’s Deborah Harry? However pay shut consideration to these different clues: Would possibly per probability this even beMissundaztoodand “Love Me Anyway”/“Hurts 2B Human” singer P!nk — expertly disguising her yell? That may perchance essentially rating the rating collectively started.

The Kangaroo, “Dancing on my Possess”

This was a steady vocal and an high-quality tune need. A rhinestone-studded marsupial singing a Robyn tearjerker seems to be very becoming for this already-insane 2020, in truth.

The clues:The statuesque Kangaroo has ties to Australia; she’s a “survivor” who yearns to “bounceonce more”; and she or he’s been “inside the highlight for the complete faulty causes,” explaining: “This yr I’ve had no different formulation to be inclined, however with this costume, I really feel I will rating my superpowers once more.” She moreover has some type of Grammys discover file.

Judges’ guesses:Jordin Sparks, Kelly Rowland, Iggy Azalea.

My guess:It in truthwould possibly perchancebe Aussie, four-time Grammy nominee, and 5-foot-10 “Bounce” star Iggy — who started as a singer before she grew to grow to be a vastly successful rapper after which suffered a big occupation decline. She in truth wore her (stop up for it)admireoutfit take care of a dueling diva. (I train it can almost definitely perchance had been too obvious for her to costume take care of the Gloomy Widow.) The Kangaroo sounds take care of Iggy. And I essentially hope it’s her, as a result of that can virtually positively bethebest comeback story ever and revenge in opposition to that two-timing jerk T.I.!

Close to once more this wacky Wednesday, when the sequence settles once more into its present timeslot and 6 new thriller contestants compete for Season 3’s Golden Cowl. I’m telling you trustworthy now, if the Taco performs anddoesn’tdiscontinuance “Puttin’ on the Ritz,” the musical director of this exhibit desires to be fired. Gape then you definately!

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